UPDATE! – Beginning in January 2017, we will be posting additional documents including a monthly narrative provided by Ballard Nickelsville as well as Encampment Metrics provided by the Low Income Housing Institute. Click here to view the new information.


This website is dedicated to providing the Ballard community with information about the Ballard Nickelsville Transitional Encampment on NW Market Street.

In 2015, the City of Seattle approved the creation of transitional encampments for homeless persons as a permitted use on city-owned property. The ordinance required the directors  of the Department of Planning and Development and the Human Services Department to adopt a joint rule establishing the requirements for community outreach, and encampment operations standards.

The joint rule also requires that a Community Advisory Committee be established to “provide advisory input on proposed encampment operations including identifying methods for handling community complaints or concerns relating to the facility or facility clients.”

This website has been created by the Ballard Nickelsville Community Advisory Committee and its purpose is to ensure that the broader community is aware of camp operations and has an opportunity to file a complaint. In addition, the website will also share the successes of the program.